Measurement Services

Measurement Services

Have you ever had the situation where you are asked to perform a certain type of measurement and you do not have the right measuring equipment and / or the knowledge to perform the measurement and analyze it?

Our team can take care of this for you.

Is a measurement beyond the scope of your daily activities?

If you are asked to perform a certain type of measurement, a number of requirements will be set:

The first requirement is the measuring instrument. You can purchase a measuring instrument, but is this economically justified because it is only a one-off or sporadic measuring task?

You can also rent a measuring instrument at CN Rood. The economic aspect is therefore immediately resolved. But perhaps you do not have the experience of operating such an instrument because it is beyond the scope of your daily activities. Moreover, after that you have to start analyzing your measurements. (Your measurement assignment always has a purpose?). Do you have the right means to carry out the analysis?

The right solution

CN Rood is convinced that it has the right solution for you. Why?

CN Rood has been a trusted supplier for measuring instruments for decades. These are used in various applications. Thanks to our years of experience as a measuring instruments supplier and excellent relations with the manufacturers of these instruments, CN Rood built up a thorough knowledge.
In addition, we also know the applications for which our customers use measuring equipment.

Measurement services in different technologies

We therefore have a unique combination of knowledge about measuring instruments and their applications, which makes us extremely suitable for performing measurement services for you.

For example, we can offer measurement services for you in the telecom sector such as CD / PMD measurements (Chromatic dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion), OSA (optical spectrum analyzer) measurements on CWDM / DWDM networks, Ethernet (BERT, RFC2544, ITU-T.Y1564 ) up to 100 Gbit as well as Fiber Channel.

In the Video & Broadcast domain we can offer measurement services such as Baseband Video (SDTV / HDTV), MPEG video (transport stream / Packetized elementary stream / elementary stream / buffer analysis), Picture quality & file based video and DVB-C / DVB-S / DVB-T.

If you are looking for metering services in the domain of energy, network quality, etc. we can do this for you such as network quality and energy studies as well as measurements on power transformers, generators, HV / MV cables and isolators (eg Partial Discharge and Tan Delta).

Looking for a measurement service

This is just a short overview of the measurement services that we can offer you. Feel free to contact the CN Rood team if you are looking for a solution for your measuring tasks.

Can we help you? Just leave your request here and we will contact you.

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