C.N. Rood always maintains a close relationship with his customers. We also have a strong fundamental knowledge and understand like no other the daily problems that you have to deal with. We use our years of expertise to solve your problems.

Insight into the operation of your process

CN Rood is aware that a measuring instrument is only one of the building blocks that you need to solve your problem. It is admittedly a key building block that gives you insight into the operation of your equipment, process, etc.

However, other building blocks are needed to find a solution to your problem, ie analysis of the problem, how to tackle the problem, what resources do you need, analysis of the measurement results, what solutions are available, budget, ...?

The search for the often difficult engineering problems is increasingly being outsourced by companies.

The outsourcing of engineering problems has a number of cost efficient benefits such as:

  • Availability of consultants for short-term and long-term assignments
  • Specific expertise
  • No need to recruit (temporary) engineers
  • Off site and on-site consulting if necessary
  • Costs can be linked to a project

Our consulting services

CN Rood understands like no other the application, the test process and which measuring instrument you need for this:

  • Thanks to our years of experience as a supplier of a wide range of measuring instruments, we are always aware of the latest technologies in the instrumentation world.
  • Due to our close relationship with our customers, we have a strong fundamental knowledge and understand which engineering problems they encounter. We walk, as it were, in the shoes of our customers.

It is this cocktail of knowledge, combined with the expertise of our manufacturers, which places us in an ideal position to assist you.

CN Rood offers you consulting services for fiber optic networks, power quality, power (production, transmission and distribution), video & broadcast, data acquisition, etc ...

You can expect from us an objective expert analysis of your problem.

Can we help you? Just leave your request here and we will contact you.

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