Brand: AT Active Technologies
AWG5062D 2CH -6 GS/s - 2 GHz - 2048Mpts per CH - 3Vpp differential output
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Manufacturer AT Active Technologies
Réf. ATA-AWG5062D


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Product description

Time to Reinvent Advance Signal Generator

The ARB Rider AWG-5000 Series is the world’s fastest 16 Bits AFG and AWG ( 2, 4 and 8 channels model) that can be used as a Pulse Generator. Single pulse or double pulse can be programmed in few seconds thanks to the easy-to-use user interface.  AWG-5000 Pulse Generator series offers 6.16 Gs/s update rate, 5Vpp output voltage range, 110 ps Rise/Fall time, and up to 4 GSamples memory depth, making this product the ideal choice for AutomotiveAerospace & DefenseBig Physics and Semiconductor Test applications.
Up to 8 analog channels per unit and up to 32 digital lines (TTL or LVDS standards) allow the user to create a mixed-signal generation setup to generate analog and digital stimuli.

No Compromise on analog performances: the fast rise time of 110ps can be achieved at a maximum amplitude of 5Vpp

Moreover, the Serial Data Pattern Generator option, allows you to generate a stream of binary information through the front end SMA connectors with an update rate of 1.54 Gbps: built-in PRBS sequences, modulation features, transition shaping, and the flexibility of a powerful analog front-end makes the SPG the perfect tool for the most challenging applications.

A dedicated intra-chassis synchronization bus, allow multi-instrument synchronization up to 4 units: 32 analog channels and 128 digital channels for the most powerful mixed-signal generator in the world.

Main Features

  • Synchronize up to 4 units: 32 Analog channels and 128 Digital channels
  • Affordable price per channel
  • Easy to use Multi-Instrument control through True-Arb software

Key Features

  • Generate easily the most complex analog and digital signals
  • Create your waveforms remotely on your PC
  • Full integration with the True-Arb software


  • 7″ Touch Screen display and Soft Keyboard
  • 2, 4 or 8 Analog Channels + 8 Digital Channels (optional)
  • full synchronization between analog and digital channels
  • Advanced sequencer and waveform editor included in the basic price
  • Create Easily waveforms and pulses with Simple Rider UI



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