Brand: AT Active Technologies
AWG2182-2M 2ch 600Ms/s AWG 2Ms memory - 180MHz AFG
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Manufacturer AT Active Technologies
Réf. ATA-AWG2182-2M


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Product description

The Most Affordable 16 Bit Pulse Generator

The ARB Rider AWG-2000 is the cost-effective and powerful 2 or 4 channel Waveform Generator with with Pulse Generator functionalities.

Thanks to the extremely easy to use interface, it’s possible set a pulse train in few clicks. AWG-2000 is the ideal choice for physic experiment, automotive test validation, IoT & sensor emulation.
The 8 channel digital option combined with 2 or 4 analog channels make the AWG-2000 a full featured mix signal generator. It’s now possible generate 2 o 4 analog signals fully synchronized with 8 digital lines (LVTTL or LVDS standards).

3-IN-1 Instrument

The AWG-2000 Series instruments are multifunctional signal generators that combine three functions in one instrument, including Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digital Pattern Generator.

These three-different features expand the capabilities of the HW adopting two different technologies: Improved DDS in AFG mode and  variable clock, true-arbitrary technology in AWG mode. The AFG mode allows the user to change glitch free on-the-fly all the pulse parameters preserving the waveform shape and you can generate pulses in a glance.
The AWG mode lets the user create complex waveform scenarios of analog and digital patterns, insert them in a sequence, apply loops, jumps and conditional branches.


  • Up to 256 Mpoints of waveform memory on each channel
  • 16384 sequencer entries
  • Analog and Digital signals fully synchronized
  • Cost-effective price per channel
  • Extremely Easy To Use and versatile functionality



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