2601B-PULSE SYSTEM SourceMeter™

Brand: Keithley Instruments
Keithley 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter® 10 μs Pulser/SMU Instrument with PulseMeter™ technology
This new pulser offers leading 10 A current pulse output at 10 V with a pulse width of 10 μs, for testing vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) , LEDs , common mode filters, semiconductor device characterization, surge protection testing, and more
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Manufacturer Keithley Instruments
Réf. TEK-2601B-PULSE


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Product description

The 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter® 10 µsec Pulser/Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument combines the power of a high current/high speed pulser with measure and the full functionality of a traditional SMU in a single instrument. Its impressive 10 A @ 10 V at 10 μs pulse width and full 1 MS/s digitizing capabilities significantly boost productivity in applications ranging from benchtop characterization through highly automated pulsed I-V production test.

Achieve high pulse fidelity without manual pulse tuning 

The 2601B-PULSE’s control loop system eliminates the need to manually tune for load changes up to 3 μH, ensuring your pulse has no overshoot and ringing when outputting pulses from 10 μs up to 500 μs at any current level up to 10 amps. With pulse rise times < 1.7 ms, you can properly characterize your device or circuit under test.

  • Output 10 A @ 10 V with a 10 μs pulse width
  • Pulse rise time <1.7 ms to characterize with confidence
  • High fidelity pulse output without tuning at any current level

Incorporates the functionality of a fast pulser and SMU in one instrument

 The 2601B-PULSE adds pulser functionality to the superior measurement integrity, synchronization, speed, and accuracy you know from the industry-leading Keithley 2601B SMU instrument.

  • Pulser 0.05% basic measure accuracy with 1 MS/s digitizing
  • SMU 100 nA low current range with 100 fA sensitivity
  • Rear panel BNC connections for quick cable setup

Embedded scripting and connectivity for unmatched production throughput 

Test Script Processor (TSP®) technology embeds and executes complete test programs inside the SMU instrument to deliver industry-best performance. TSP-Link® technology enables expansion of up to 32 TSP-Link nodes for creating high-speed, SMU-per-pin parallel testing without a mainframe.

Applications include 

  • Laser Diode ( VCSEL ) Production Test for ToF/LIDAR Applications
  • Simplified Pulsed/DC I/V Characterization of LEDs
  • On Wafer Semiconductor Testing
Keithley's KickStart software enables quick configuration of I-V sweeps without programming, and easy export of data to Excel etc.   
For those who want to develop testscripts a free TSB Test Script Builder tool is available

Key Features

  • Industry leading 10 A @ 10 V, 10 microsecond pulse output
  • No tuning required for inductive loads up to 3 μH
  • Dual 1 Megasample/second digitizers for high speed I/V pulse measurements (pulser function only)
  • DC capability up to ±40 V @ ±1.0 A, 40 Watt
  • TSP technology embeds complete test programs inside the instrument for best-in-class system-level throughput
  • TSP-Link expansion technology for multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe
  • USB 2.0, LXI-C, GPIB, RS-232, and digital I/O interfaces
  • Supported in the Keithley KickStart non-programming software tool