SPG300 / SPG600

Brand: Telestream
Tektronix SPG300 & SPG600 Sync Pulse Generators
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Product description

SPG300 & SPG600 Sync Pulse Generator

Master Sync / Master Clock Reference Generator

Tektronix video Sync pulse generators provide facility reference signals and ensure a stable facility timing source. Tektronix signal generators provide test signals for equipment verification and calibration applications, and support a wide variety of analog and digital formats to facilitate your technology transition.

Support for 3 Gb/s SDI and Dual Link SDI formats helps deployment of the latest emerging video technologies. Stay Genlock™ provides a unique, robust genlock mode that ensures stable signal synchronization for digital and traditional broadcast facilities. GPS Synchronization and Timecode Module with an integrated GPS receiver provide long-term reference clock stability. Also included are time-of-day and program timecode functions. Tektronix Automatic Changeover units provide facility reference signal redundancy within a Master and Slave SPG system.

Features & Benefits

  • Two models, SPG600 (full rack width) and SPG300 (half rack width), which provide all of the conventional video and audio signals that you need in one unit, Analog Black-burst/Test Signal, SD-SDI Black-burst/Test Signal, AES/EBU Digital and Analog Audio Signal
  • Stay GenLock™ – Unique, robust Genlock mode provides stable synchronization signals, for digital and traditional broadcast facilities
  • All analog and SD-SDI signal output channels are configurable with selection of black-burst or test signal outputs
  • SNMP and Web remote control makes it easy to integrate the units into any operational environment
  • Choose between two form factors; Full rack width – SPG600, or Half rack width – SPG300
  • Optional fine timing offset feature for analog video outputs – SPG600/SPG300 Option 01
  • Up to 8 optional Analog Black-burst/Test Signal outputs with independent timing offset – SPG600 Option 02
  • Up to 4 optional SD-SDI Black/Test Signal outputs with independent timing adjustment – SPG600 Option 03


  • Broadcast master sync generator
  • Unique and robust Genlock – Stay GenLock™
  • Genlock to house master sync

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