Brand: Wickon
Wickon Inline 2D inspection of moist and dry pastes
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Product description

The system is the perfect solution for the 2D inspection of moist or dry soldering pastes and structures thanks to its innovative light technology. It is placed after the printing process and provides valuable information for the printer (Closed-Loop), which significantly contributes to optimizing the process. The system is derived from patented CCT technology (CCT: Confocal Chromatic Triangulation), which generates a 3D image using colour line cameras. Each colour pixel contains information about the height, this also includes moist pastes. Unlike other measurement procedures, data interpretation is not necessary.


  • High speed – up to 300 cm²/s
  • Maximum accuracy – up to 3 µm
  • Repeatability: grey values ± 1 μm @ 4 sigma, for each channel
  • Innovative patented light technology
  • Intelligent algorithms preventing pseudo error occurrences
  • NEW: All-Multilayer-Scan: multi-layer printing in one single inspection operation (all layers are inspected)
  • NEW: Layout correction via Correction Fiducials
  • NEW: High Speed Option: Extended multi-camera system
 e.g. 3 µm resolution with 2 cameras >> 25 cm²/s