Power Semiconductors

Power semiconductors

Ensure safe, precise and fast Si, SiC and GaN MOSFET testing in a lab and a wafer test environment. Learn more about the testing challenges resulting from the adoption of SiC and GaN into your designs and how to solve them. Discover how to minimize power draw and maximize battery life for your end-products. Accelerate the time-to-market for your designs.

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Testing Power Semiconductors, from design, production, reliability and failure analysis

The drive for more enery efficient power converters, drive the development of better Power Transistors based on new materials like GaN and SiC.  These new devices show less conduction and switching loss, and can operate at higher power levels and higher temperature.   Extensive testing is done when desiging new devices, final test on wafer, and investigating reliability on wafer and on packaged level.  The e-guide handles about several stages and present associated solutions

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Power Quality / Semi F47

You can't solve a power quality problem until you know exactly what it looks like. That's why C.N.Rood is supplying major semiconductor fabricators and tool suppliers the PQube 3 to capture power glitch waveforms to prevent costly manufacturing delays, as well as losses associated with very high density silicon dies and processors. PQube 3 is the only power monitor designed specifically for semiconductor production tools.

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