Internet of Things

Internet of things

Are you creating devices that needs to talk with other machines? Do you need to ensure that they are meeting the countless standards and protocols of the Internet of Things? We have the test and measurement experts and instruments can help you do just that! We will guide and help you all the way from the blossoming of an idea as you navigate wireless standards and face the headache of module selection, to making sure your product meets the latest standards and pass compliance certification the first time. Together we’ll ensure your device's signal can be seen amongst a thousand others. You have ideas, we have tools and together we can create better Things!

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Power consumption measurements on portable battery operated devices

For battery operated IoT devices, or medical sensors, it is must to know the battery life to secure operation.  For wearable gadgets it is also good to know how long the device will operate.   This requiers knowledge of the current consumption profile of the device and the battery which is used.   This application note describes a combination of instruments to create battery model and measure power consumption

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Ulta low Power measurements of wireless sensors

the currrent consumption of a wireless battery operated sensor, in eg IoT applications, has several stages.  From deep sleep levels with hardly consumption up till a stage where data are transmitted and the consumption can be decades higher as in deep sleep.   The several stages could be short in time, and can include several current decades.   To measure this current consumption profile, a high sampling current meter is required, which can also measure currentls on several decades.

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