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Power production with Biogas created with Wastewater

The wastewater of a starch plant is collected in aerob ponds, where methan gas is produced.   This gas is used by power generator to produce electricity for the starch plant.  A DataTaker dataloggger monitors the amount of produced gas, the amount used by the generator, and the amount which is burnt as rest material.  The DataTaker also measure the operating time of the gas blowers for maintenance purposes.

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Thermal Efficiency measurements on several surface materials used for storage tanks

A major research organisation has investigated the thermal efficiency of several surface materials used for storage tanks.  Six tanks were supplied with 6 thermocouples on each tank, positioned on various levels.  To measure the influence of weather conditions, a weather station measured on location the wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, ambient temperature and humidity.  All 36 thermocouples were connected to one dataloggers, as well the weatherstation through the SDI-12 interface.

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