Bushings are necessary and vital elements of the electric supply system – allowing critical equipment such as breakers and transformers to operate efficiently. With the benefit of decades of bushing testing and analysis, C.N. Rood & Doble provides tools, techniques, and services to identify signs of incipient bushing failure. A bushing failure may be catastrophic, which is why C.N. Rood offers a complete portfolio of products and services to help you track bushing health, from insulation analysis through teardowns.

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Diagnostic Equipment

Whether you are looking for on-line monitoring, in-service testing, off-line testing, protection testing and asset management to test one asset or know the condition of your entire fleet, C.N. Rood has the right solution for you Typical measurements like leakage current, phase analysis, PF and capacitance with M4100, M7100 or DoblePrime IDD and Partial discharge testing with DFA-300 or DoblePrime PD-Guard , can be performed both in-service as on-line.

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Comprehensive Consulting & Testing Services

When you need to manage asset risk across a fleet or on a problem transformer, C.N.  Rood provides an independent, expert opinion enabling critical decisions to be made with confidence. Our transformer engineers have extensive transformer fleet health assessment and forensic analysis consulting experience as well as specification writing, factory audit, design review, factory inspection & test witnessing when purchasing new transformers.  We can also provide the full range of off-line electrical and in-services tests.

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Laboratory Services

Our suppliers Doble & Morgan Schaffer have been providing laboratory services to the electric power industry since the 1930s. Their labs perform over 200 different types of analytical tests on liquid and solid insulating materials. Doble and Morgan Schaffer  lab analysts are considered to be the preeminent experts in DGA, oil quality and corrosive sulfur analysis.

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Client Services

Access expert consultation with a dedicated C.N. Rood or Doble Principal Engineer. Our engineer can consult with you on testing procedures, electrical test data analysis, apparatus maintenance and more. This is one of the benefits of a contract with our  Client Services Group. Additional benefits include on-site training, the AskDoble technical forum, and access to client only educational events including the Client Committee Meetings and the International Conference of Doble Clients.

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Knowledge Community

Knowledge is power. C.N. Rood & Doble offers a variety of transformer-related training courses and seminars throughout the year. Options include the Life of a TransformerTM Seminar, seminars on transformer condition assessment using laboratory diagnostics, transformer factory test training, client field seminars, committee meetings and conferences, web-based training, and on-site training tailored to your team.

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