Environmental factors

Environmental factors

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Best Practices for Infant Incubator and Radiant Warmer Testing

A fragile infant that receives too much oxygen in an infant incubator can go blind. If the environment is too hot, even just by a few degrees, it can lead to hyperthermia and dehydration, which can cause brain damage. Even the sound from an incubator’s fan that is too loud can be harmful to a baby’s hearing and ear development.
Learn what could go wrong in an incubator and how to test properly to help enable premature or frail infants to restfully develop and receive medical procedures in a safe environment.

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Stay Compliant with your electrosurgical unit like i.e. the Force Triad™

As you know, electrosurgical units (ESUs) like the ForceTriad™ Generator are some of the most complex and potentially hazardous devices in a surgical environment. If they are not precisely tested and regularly calibrated, they can burn your patients, cause fires in your facility and result in noncompliance and litigation. So we’ve developed helpful videos that outline the step-by-step process of testing a ForceTriad unit using the Fluke Biomedical QA-ES III.

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Blood Oxygen Tutorial

Blood pressure readings provide valuable information about the condition of our bodies, indicating health or the lack of it. Blood pressure is not the whole story, however, since the exact concentration of gases such as carbon dioxide and especially oxygen in your blood cannot be determined by a simple blood pressure test. To determine gas concentrations accurately, specifically saturated oxygen, a blood-gas sensing device, such as pulse oximeters must be used.

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Power Quality

Our PQube 3 is ideal for detecting and documenting power problems in hospitals and medical labs. In fact, every major MRI manufacturer uses our PQube 3 to monitor and report on power problems. We diagnose power disturbances which help identify the use of applicable immunity techniques.

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