Brand: Delta Elektronika
DC Power supply 0-1500V, 0-30A 15000W SM15K Series
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Delta Elektronika
SKU DEL-SM1500-CP-30
Device Type DC Load, DC Supply
Outputs Single
Voltage 1,500.00
Current 30.00
Power 15,000.00

Product description

The 15 kW bidirectional DC power supply SM1500-CP-30 of the SM15K Series has been designed as a bipolar power supply with regeneration to the grid. With a max voltage of 1500V and a max. current from plus or minus 30A, these power supplies can be used in numerous applications and circuit conditions. They are designed as a standard 15 kW Source & Load. The flexible output has a constant power characteristic. These power supplies have an excellent response to load changes and are protected against all overload and short circuit conditions. Very low heat dissipation, 95% efficiency.


  • Solar Inverter testing
  • PV simulation
  • Car testing systems
  • ATE in industrial production lines
  • Plasma chambers
  • Automotive battery simulations
  • Controlled battery (dis)charging
  • lasers
  • sustainable energy
  • Driving PWM controlled DC motors.

Firmware update
Delta Elektronika released a new free firmware update for the SM15k-series.

Integrated Functional Blocks
A new Integrated functional Block has been added to the firmware of the 15kW power supplies. 2 Functional blocks were already available: Leadless sensing and Internal resistance
The new Integrated Function Block Photo-voltaic simulation is available for free now. A SM15k unit does not need any hardware module. The Photo-voltaic simulator has been integrated in the firmware.

PV simulation has not only been integrated power supply but in the price as well. No extra fee, no expensive code to be bought, no price increase, we justed added value to the product.

The update is available at the Delta Elektronka website, click here (go to tab 'downloads')

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