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Product description

HIOKI sets a new industry standard with its all-new PW8001 Power Analyzer. With up to eight modular power channels, it is the only bench power analyzer on the market with 1500 V DC CAT II inputs, fulfilling the requirements of today’s PV applications. At the same time, high bandwidth and industry-leading current sensors allow for unrivalled accuracy for example when developing state-of-the-art SiC and GaN applications.

Best protection against external noise is guaranteed because of the highest Common Mode Rejection Ratio in the industry for both power analyzer and current sensors designed by HIOKI. In addition, the 15 MHz sampling rate and 18-bit A/D conversion result in extremely accurate measurements and waveform reproducibility.

As unique feature, the automatic phase shift correction function of the PW8001 allows for accurate reactor or transformer loss measurements at high switching frequencies. Optional four motor inputs enable the complete analysis of multiple motor systems like drones, robotics or in-wheel motor drive systems of electric vehicles.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Up to 8 modular power channels
  • Unrivalled accuracy for high currents at high frequencies
  • Best protection against external noise
  • Automatic phase shift correction
  • 15 MHz sampling rate and 18-bit A/D conversion
  • 1500 V DC CAT II voltage inputs