New Audio Precision Software & Hardware 'B' Series

As a partner with Audio Precision, we are excited to inform you about the latest product releases in audio test and measurement. This includes new software and hardware, increasing the capabilities of the robust APx Series audio analyzers.

New B Series APx Audio Analyzers
Building on AP’s existing platform of audio analyzers, the APx B Series is the next generation of APx. From the APx515B to the APx555B, the entire product line of analyzers is equipped with a new and more capable CPU module that provides faster download speeds and a longer playback of arbitrary waveforms.

Most importantly, the arrival of the APx B Series brings with it the enhanced analog generator (EAG) for the APx555B. Standard with B Series APx555 instruments and available as an upgrade for Legacy APx555 analyzers, the EAG offers a variety of performance improvements. Additionally, AP now offers an ADC Test Mode option for any EAG-equipped APx555. ADC Test Mode enables the generation of audio signals mixed with a calibrated common mode DC offset voltage.

B Series analyzers require APx500 Software v5.0 (or later) but are compatible with APx project files created from version 4.6 software (or earlier). Please contact us at (insert your phone number here) or (insert contact e-mail here) to learn more. 

New APx Software, version 5.0 
The latest release of AP software adds the ability to measure the transfer function (i.e., dual-channel FFT analysis) of audio devices using any broadband signal.

Version 5.0 software is shipping with all new instruments (B Series or Legacy) as of December 18. An APx KeyBox is required when using v5.0 with any Legacy APx analyzer. If you're interested in upgrading to APx Software v5.0.

More information?

Please contact Paul Mooijman (The Netherlands) or Sven De Coster (Belgium and Luxembourg)