Kikusui PMX32-3TR

Brand: Kikusui
3 Channel 200Watt, 2x 32V/3A + 1 x6V/5A Compact DC power supply

High setting resolution : Voltage: 1 mV, Current: 0.1 mA 
3 models available
LAN (LXI compliant) /USB / RS232C as standard interface
External analog remote control
CV,CC priority start function (to prevent overshoot when the output is ON)
Remote sensing function
Key lock, 3-point preset memory function

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Product specifications

More Information
Manufacturer Kikusui
Device Type DC Supply
Outputs Multiple
Voltage 32.00
Current 5.00
Power 160.00


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Product description

The PMX-Multi series is a multi-channel DC power supply with isolated outputs on each channel. The PMX32-3DU (2ch), PMX32-3TR (3ch), and PMX32-2QU (4ch) are all capable of simultaneous output in all channels and come with an output tracking feature. Also, channels 1 & 2 of each model can be easily connected in either series or parallel to increase the output voltage/current at the press of a button. LAN (LXI Compliant), USB, and RS232C are included as standard digital interfaces for easy system integration. The PMX-Multi benefits from a low noise, series regulator design that makes this series the perfect choice for experiments involving transistors, IC circuits, and op amp circuits as well as R&D and production line applications.

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