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Emerald® SE DVI KVM-over-IP Extender - Dual-Head, Full HD, V-USB 2.0, Audio, VM Access

Emerald® SE transmitters and receivers are your entry into the world of Unified KVM. Extend and switch DVI video up to Full HD resolutions, USB 2.0 devices and bi-directional analogue stereo audio. Pair transmitter and receiver units to create a P2P connection or build an IP-based KVM matrix switching setup. Take advantage of the USB-powered ZeroU Transmitter that saves valuable rack space. Or add licenses for the Emerald Remote App to connect an Emerald SE transmitter directly to any Windows® 10 device – without the need for an additional hardware receiver unit.


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EMD2002SE Emerald® SE

Emerald is the first Enterprise KVM Extension and KVM Matrix Switching solution that delivers pixel-perfect video with Full HD (Emerald SE) and 4K/60 (Emerald 4K) resolutions over an IP network. The flexible and scalable system supports any number of workstations and servers. In addition, it simplifies virtual access, making it easy for you to use any combination of physical and virtual servers.

Users experience fast and easy-to-use access to their target servers with premium video quality and a rich peripheral set supporting stereo audio and up to any four true emulated USB 2.0 devices including Wacom® tablets. Administrators will like the comprehensive management with convenient configuration options in line with a high-level security and reliable operation.

Emerald SE transmitters and receivers are your entry into the world of Unified KVM. It provides users with a seamless desktop experience anywhere on a TCP/IP network, while allowing the actual hardware to be securely housed in a corporate data center or in the cloud. The performance of Emerald SE allows an easy deployment on standard corporate networks and even across Wide-Area-Networks (WANs). Emerald SE enables the same high fidelity experience of a desktop PC even for media-rich applications, for example, videos and photo editing, or 3D design. The remote desktops may be hosted on a physical PC/workstation or may be a virtual desktop hosted on a private server or in the cloud. Physical PCs/workstations/servers have an Emerald SE transmitter unit physically connected to provide communication over the TCP/IP network. Desktop users connect their local keyboard, mouse, and screen, speakers as well as USB mass storage devices, and other USB devices to the receiver units.

Emerald SE provides Full HD DVI-D with resolutions up to 1920x1200, transparent USB, and analogue audio. Link them in a point-to-point KVM extension over CATx up to 100 m or even further using an IP or WAN connection. Connect multiple transmitters and receivers to an Emerald or IP switch to create a matrix switching setup.

- Switch and extend up to visually lossless Full HD DVI video (1920x1200) and up to four USB devices (HID and/or high-speed, transparent USB 2.0).
- Transmit signals over IP and securely access critical devices over a WAN or the internet.
- Extreme low IP bandwidth requirements with less than 40-Mbps for 1080p motion picture.
- Choose from five video compression settings to balance video quality and bandwidth consumption.
- EDID pass-through feature ensures video signals display correctly at all times.
- Build a KVM matrix that supports up to 32 end points through the built-in management interface, or use the Boxilla® KVM Manager to create even larger matrices.
- OS-agnostic technology allows you to connect any system, including Windows®, Mac OS® or Linux.
- Real-time virtual machine access via RDP 8.1/RemoteFX.
- Supports Active Directory (Boxilla required).
- Supports point-to-point extension distances of up to 100 meters over CATx.
- USB-powered ZeroU Transmitter unit available that saves rack space.
- Also available with 4K DisplayPort video (Emerald 4K).

Emerald SE Transmitter (EMD2002SE-T):
(2) DVI input, (1) USB Type B female, (1) RJ-45 network, (2) 3.5 mm audio, (1) 2.5 mm barrel for power

Emerald SE Receiver (EMD2002SE-R):
(2) DVI output, (4) USB Type A female, (1) RJ-45 network, (2) 3.5 mm audio for speaker and microphone, (1) 2.5 mm barrel for power