DPO3FLEX (FlexRay)


FlexRay Serial Triggering and Analysis Module


Product specifications

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Manufacturer Tektronix
Bus Decoding Flexray

Product description

DPO3FLEX FlexRay Serial Triggering and Analysis Module

Enables triggering on packet-level information on FlexRay buses as well as analytical tools such as digital views of the signal, bus views, packet decoding, search tools, packet decode tables with time-stamp information.


Trigger on Start of Frame, Type of Frame (Normal, Payload, Null, Sync, Startup), Identifier, Cycle Count, Complete Header Field, Data, Identifier and Data, End of Frame or Errors such as Header CRC, Trailer CRC, Null Frame, Sync Frame, or Startup Frame Errors up to 100 Mb/s.

 Signal Inputs

  • Any Ch1 - Ch4 (and any D0 - D15 on MSO model (single-ended probing only)

Recommended Probing - Single ended or differential