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REGATRON is a specialized engineering company with solid and comprehensive expertise in developing, manufacturing and sales of programmable power supplies. REGATRON’s continuous focus on power electronics has led to a well established and field-proven portfolio of programmable DC and AC power sources. All over the world, REGATRON power supplies are used in laboratories, test fields and production lines for simulation, testing, development and research purposes or in various process technologies as voltage / current sources. Following are examples of application fields where REGATRON power supplies are successfully used:

  • Electromobility, on-board electrical systems, drive trains
  • Laboratory DC and AC power applications
  • Energy storage, batteries, supercaps
  • Smart grid
  • Photovoltaics, fuel cells and other renewable energies
  • Plasma surface treatment
  • Battery charging
  • DC power applications in harsh environmental conditions
  • Fundamental, academic and applied research and testing

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Innovative Product Lineup

Type of Power SupplySeriesCharacteristicsPower Range
Programmable Bidirectional AC Power Sources TC.ACS Regenerative, full four quadrant source / sink AC power source,
including bidirectional DC operation
30 kVA up to MVA range
Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supplies TC.GSS Regenerative, full two quadrant source / sink DC power supply 20 kW up to MW range
TC.ResAct Resistive, full two quadrant source / sink DC power supply 10 kW up to a few 100 kW
Programmable DC Power Supplies TopCon Quadro Unidirectional DC power supply 10 kW up to MW range
TC.GSX Unidirectional DC power supply with enhanced wideband dynamics  20 kW up to MW range
Programmable DC Electronic Loads TC.GXS Regenerative unidirectional DC sink 20 kW up to MW range
Programmable Bidirectional DC / DC Converters TC.DSS Full two quadrant source / sink 20 kW up to MW range
Special Function DC Power Supplies TC.LIN Linear post-processor accessory 10 kW up to MW range
TC.P.LIN DC power supply with integrated linear post-processor, S3R mode 6 kW, 10 kW
Custom Power Supplies Custom Custom designed programmable power Few 100 W up to several 120 kW

REGATRON Power Supply Applications

  • Battery Simulation
  • Battery Testing
  • Onboard Charger Testing and Battery Simulation
  • Vehicle to Grid Solar Array Simulation
  • SAS Solar Inverter Mains Tests with Grid Simulator
  • Fuel Cell Testing and Simulation
  • Grid Simulation and Tests for Electric and Electronic Equipment
  • Grid Simulation and Tests for Power Generating Equipment
  • SMART Grid Simulation and Testing
  • Hardware in the loop
  • Regenerative RLC-Load
  • Distribution Network Testing

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Account Manager

Specialised in power generation and loads.