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NI offers the hardware, software, and services that help you turn real-world data into insights that drive your business decisions. Choose from products for desktop design and prototyping to fully automated production test systems.

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Semiconductor technology requirements often outpace the test coverage that traditional approaches offer for analog, mixed-signal, and RF test. Semiconductor test engineers need smarter solutions that address cost, scalability, design, and device challenges.


A new era of mobility is upon us. Overcome the pressure of rapidly changing test requirements by using an open and easily upgradable platform that is designed for test system flexibility.

Aerospace and Defense

Test is a critical business function that ensures the quality and reliability of your mission-critical assets. For decades, NI has served as a trusted advisor that can optimize your test strategies to meet increasingly demanding technical and business requirements.

Academic and Research

Whether in the classroom or the lab, today's students and researchers are looking to increase their rate of discovery and build solutions faster.


Wireless technology is constantly evolving, and wireless design and test require a flexible and more cost-effective approach.


As product complexity increases, you need a platform-based approach to meet your schedule, quality, and cost expectations for test.


Energy is a complex field with a broad array of concerns, including energy security, environmental and operational protection, system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, and clean energy technologies.

Industrial Machinery

Complex industrial, power, and energy systems require the ability to run flexible test systems and remote condition monitoring. Using predictive monitoring and maintenance systems can give engineers a competitive advantage.

Transportation and Heavy Equipment

Companies that invest in heavy machinery for transit, loading and unloading supplies, construction, or farming can maximize uptime and minimize costs by using predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics.

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