80 Years Customer Days Festivities

CN Rood's 80 Years customer days sunny success!

CN Rood celebrated its 80th birthday last year. Among the many events held for this special occasion were the customer days on October 9 and 10 last. 

With these days first held in our Belgium office and after that in our Dutch office we wanted to give our customers an opportunity to join us in the celebration.

Fortunately, as you can see on the right, lady luck was with us and we were blessed with two days of real Indian summer weather.

Many used this occasion to put a face to the name normally on the other end of a phone while enjoying a drink and something to eat. 

All visitors had the opportunity to enter our raffle by leaving their business card in our "Big Black Box". The price winners of this raffle have been notified and in most cases already received their prize.


Picture of our customer days