Denso Terminals & PDAs

  Denso BHT-800
The BHT-800 Series offers outstanding high-speed reading performance. Depending on the model, these devices can achieve up to 400 scans per second. Thanks to the use of CCD technology, even poor-quality barcodes can be reliably read. The high-resolution (QVGA) LCD color display and the unit’s ergonomic design make it a pleasure to use. At the same time, DENSO Wave places great emphasis on robust and durable design characteristics. For this reason, the BHT-800 is the only device in its class that has been specified to withstand the impact of 60 falls from 1.2 m.

Key Features :
- Memory 16/32 MB
- LCD display 240 x 320 (QVGA)
- Reading confirmation : blue LED, buzzer, vibrator
- Communication : irDA, WLAN (802.11B/G), RS232
- Lithium-Ion battery (up to 14 operating hours)
- IP54
- Weighs 220 g

Denso BHT-800   Specsheet Denso BHT-800

    Denso BHT-800

  Denso BHT-600
Denso BHT-600    DENSO BHT 600 Hand Held Mobile Computer embraces the latest ergonomics, and technology design with DENSO's renowned reliability. DENSO BHT600 Mobile Computer is equipped with 1D Scanner WiFi Communications, numeric keypad / slanted scanner head for reduced RSI. Is also available in Batch and Bluetooth variants.

Key Features :
- Backwards compatible with older BHT models
- Scan distance 5 to 75 cm
- Weight 300 grams
- Scan-angle 50 degrees
- Power management system
- Wifi 802.11b/g with WEP / WPA / WPA2 encryption
- HTML-browser and terminal emulation supported
- TCP/IP, FTP, Bluetooth and IRDA
- Clear bright LCD display

Denso BHT-600   Specsheet Denso BHT-600

  Denso BHT-900
The BHT-900 offers outstanding performance at an affordable price. With a reading speed from 200-400 scans per second, it is extremely fast. Thanks to its CCD technology, it can even read poor or damaged barcodes. The generous 16 MB of Flash storage can be further extended using a micro SD card. The unit is extremely tough, withstanding 60 falls from 1.2 meters, and delivers an incredible 200 hours of battery life between charges. Additional features: BHT-OS operating system; multi-communication options (Bluetooth 2.1 + DER, IrDA 1.2, USB 2.0); indirect charging from a charge point or directly via USB.

Denso BHT-900   Specsheet Denso BHT-900

    Denso BHT-900

  Denso BHT-400
Denso BHT-400    The BHT-400-series of Denso has been especially conceived to meet the demands of mobile data entry in the retail industry. The handheld terminal-series is available as batch- or radio-terminal for wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) alternatively. Furthermore, there is the option to connect the device via Bluetooth to a personal computer, a portable printer, a modem, or an access point.

Key Features :
- Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels
- 65000 colours (TFT) with touch screen
- Windows CE 5.0
- Bluetooth Version 1.2
- Latest security features
- Shock proof (drop test 1.5 m)
- IP54 protection rating
- Water resistant

Denso BHT-400   Specsheet Denso BHT-400

  Denso BHT-700
Developed as a modular hand-held terminal, the Denso BHT-700's hardware and software system platform supports different technologies such as Batch, WLAN, GPRS and Bluetooth. An open architecture, just like a PC, provides the hardware flexibility needed to adapt the system with modules to meet your demands, allowing customisation as required.

Key Features :
- Modular based
- High performance CPU PXA270 (624 MHz)
- Windows CE 5.0 Professional
- 1D & 2D scanner
- 3.5 inch QVGA High-speed display
- Voice function VoIP, Voice picking (headset jack, microphone, receiver)
- IRDA, GPRS, WLAN 11a/b/g, Bluetooth V2.0
- 2 UART, 1 USB Host, Compact Flash I/F
- Powerful battery (2300 mAh / 3900 mAh)
- IP54, Multiple drops from height of 1.2 m

Denso BHT-700   Specsheet Denso BHT-700

    Denso BHT-700

  Denso BHT-1100
Denso BHT-1100    The DENSO BHT-1100 compact terminal combines outstanding functionality and user friendliness. The elegant and sleek design of the BHT-1100 houses a powerful performer bringing the best ROI possible. Designed for a long working life, the new BHT-1100 is an ideal tool in even the busiest environments offering a excellent price performance ratio.

Key Features :
- CCD Technology
- High-speed TI ARM Cortex-A8 (800 MHz) processor
- 512 MB RAM / 2 GB ROM
- SD slot available for memory upgrade
- Win CE 6.0 operating system

Denso BHT-1100   Specsheet Denso BHT-1100